How Many People Actually Understand Marketing?

I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience, but from the smallest to billion dollar companies, very often no one outside marketing understands what marketing is and what we do.  And, PR?  Usually it’s confused with advertising.  If our job is communication, how come we can’t communicate better what marketing is and what we need to do our job properly?

We spend so much time bemoaning this, yet what do we actually do to change this?  Shouldn’t we be promoting marketing itself more?  Why can’t we PR ourselves?  Or, do we do the same that many companies do – keep marketing firmly to one side making sure it doesn’t interfere too much in the operation of the company, rather than putting it at the core of the company.  After all, marketing is the public face of the company.  It should be part of every point where the company interacts with the customer, or suppliers, or indeed employees and it should be a key part of product development.

I would be interested to hear about your experiences and how you tackled it.



Efficiency in social media – is it possible?

I’m always looking to streamline my activities, make them as efficient as possible and ensure I’m not doubling up or doing something just for the sake of it.  I love social media, but it’s definitely one of those tools that you can get caught up in and spend loads of time doing something for minimum results.  It is also something that can have very powerful results.

A while back we were talking about globalisation of economies and enterprises and the disappearing of borders.  With social media, you can now really be a global company or person with minimum effort and outlay.  You can reach people you would never have thought possible a few years ago.  Those who abhorred the Internet for spoiling human interaction I hope can see now the evolution that has taken place and today is a far more social world thatn we ever dreamed of.

Social media is therefore good, but you do have to wade through a lot of different websites and applications to find the best tools to help you make all your social media channels efficient and to choose which ones to use.  I believe that the issue we will have is that what is best one day, will not be the best the next day and like computers and mobile phones the product life-cycle of these social media will get shorter and shorter. We will then have to decide, whether to go with the latest thing and unfortunately by its very definition social media will always be about the latest and best.

I look forward to seeing all these new developments – it certainly keeps us on our toes and challenges our imagination.