Know your audience

It’s one of the most important things in marketing and it is so often overlooked or forgotten in the rush to get across our messages.  Who is our audience and the audience of the media/event we are targeting?  What is important to them?  What will trigger their interest or trigger them to buy?  When we are putting together our marketing plan, this is essential.  We have to know for every geography, every type of product, everything.  We don’t then forget about it.  We have to repeat it for everything that we do.  A general advert may be used across a variety of media as long as they have the same target audience.  We should never be afraid to modify it when we have a different audience.  Also, when we are writing an article or press release we have to write it for the particular audience it is aimed at.  Even if it is an existing article, we can make a few changes to ensure it resonates with the readers.  In the case of marketing, one package does not necessarily suit all. 

It is just as true when selecting media to advertise in, give an exclusive to, or an exhibition to attend.  Make sure the audience really is relevant and when you design a stand, or organise your promotional activities around the show design it with them in mind.

Once you know your audience, success becomes so much easier.


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